Create QR Codes

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Create QR Codes

Quick Response Codes sound like something that should be discussed in a tech conference. However, these two-dimensional codes have grown in popularity even among non-tech people. They are now widely used in mainstream marketing and advertising and this use has made them a viable tool for small businesses.

So what are they? Also called Quick Response codes, QR Codes are matrix barcodes (or 2D barcodes) that can be scanned by smartphones and mobile cameras.A standard QR code is made of black colored modules that are arranged in square patterns and are all on a white background. The information embedded in any QR code varies and mostly depends on the needs of the QR code owner.

Create QR codes – A closer look at QR Codes

Think of QR Codes as little square marks that have the capability of storing different types of information about a company, a product, a person and any other thing you could think of. The information inside the code can be decoded by a scanning app installed in the smartphone. The good thing is that, there are some smartphones that come with pre-installed QR code scanning app. The phones that do not come with the app can still scan a QR code but will first have to download and install the app from the internet.

Pick any newspaper or magazine and you can rest assured that you will find a QR code somewhere on a page. QR Codes are used in print ads to create an online engagement with potential customers and customers alike.

In countries such as Japan, these 2D codes are the mainstay and that explain why you will see them in all places ranging from menus to billboards. You can even learn about a food your eating by simply scanning the QR code on the wrapper. There are some foods that even have QR codes on them example, cheese.

Create QR codes- interesting ways to use your codes

  1. Use QR codes on business cards. You can link a URL that redirects the user to your LinkedIn profile page or include your contact information in the qr code so that it is automatically saved in that phone book whenever the code is scanned.
  2. Include coupon codes in the QR code. So, to retrieve the code, all a person has to do is scan the QR code.
  3. Use the QR code to drive more traffic to your website. Embed a link that will redirect the user to your website. The more scans you get, the more the traffic.
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