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create free qr code

If you are yet to get acquainted with quick response codes or QR codes, you really do not have to worry. This is because understanding what QR codes are and how they work is quite easy for anyone really. QR codes are upgraded versions of the ordinary 1d barcodes.

QR codes are 2 dimension types of codes that can be used to transmit info about a business, person or brand. Basically, to be able to scan QR codes you will need a QR code scanner. Most smartphones come with QR code readers that are pre-installed during manufacture. This makes the use of QR codes an easy way of connecting to potential clients on a mobile platform.

Create free QR code – More on QR codes

Where exactly did these codes come from?

QR codes originated from the east, where they were used as tools for tracking car parts. Close to 20 years years later, quick response codes are being used in running day to day activities. QR codes are commonly used in brand advertising and marketing.

While 2d barcodes are quite different from their 1d counterparts, they have something in common and that is the fact that they require scanning devices to decode the information within. As mentioned above, all you need is a smart device that has a camera to scan the code.

As popular as these codes may sound, Quick response codes are still foreign to some brand and business owners. All the same, these codes carry a lot of potential in relation to mobile marketing. In order to use a QR code, you need to learn how to make one.

Create free QR code – Creating QR codes

For you to be able to enjoy the numerous benefits posed by the use of QR codes, it is important to know how to create these codes. Follow these four quick steps to learn how to create a quick response code:

  • Find a reliable QR code generator and go to the generator’s website. For instance, you can choose visualead which is one of the leading generators and then go to
  • From the generator’s interface, chose the type of info you want to embed in the code. In the text box provides, enter the data you want to encode.
  • Click on ‘create QR code’.
  • Test whether the QR code is working.
  • Avail the code to your audience.

If you want to use QR codes for business, you can do so mostly for marketing and advertising your products or services. Most marketers are fond of QR codes because they make it easy for customers to connect with their businesses.

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