Create A QR Code- Learn More About QR Codes

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Create a QR code

Although not many people are using QR codes, it does not shadow the fact that they are slowly gaining popularity. This is because they come with numerous benefits. One of them is that QR codes give rise to easy marketing strategies. For example, mobile commerce and ecommerce are used for QR codes. Therefore they link and also expose customers to different types of advertising services or a business as opposed to using the common advertising methods. As a result, this maximizes your client base which ultimately increases your profits.

What do you need to create a QR code?

First and foremost, you have to ensure you are familiar with the different types of code generators as well as QR codes. This is to make sure you get the most suitable for your kind of business. Generators range from GOQR, Kaywa, and Microsoft Tag to mention just a few.

Next, you need to choose the most suitable design to go with what your business sells. Choose a design that best fits your brand image then link the QR code to your business’ website. Then you can rest assured that whenever your potential customers scan the code, they are direct redirected to your website, where they can get all the information they need.

Once all that is done, test the QR code to ensure it works.

Create QR code-examples of generators to use

Bearing in mind that there are many code generators to choose from, getting one that is fully suitable for your needs is not easy. Below are a few to choose from, which happen to be among the best.


This is one of the best code generators you can easily customize and design for free. The best part is that Kaywa can link codes to your web page, phone numbers and even sms.

Microsoft tag

The best thing about using this code reader or generator is that you can choose the color code and integrate it. This is unique as other generators are black and white.

This is free but also has a premium version. This too is unique as it allows users to lead to text, sms, phone numbers as well as URL.

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