Create 2d barcode

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Create 2d barcode

A two dimensional bar code is commonly known as a QR code. These initials stand for Quick Response codes. Other than being defined as a two dimensional barcode, a QR code can also be defined as a bar code that is readable using a cell phone, or a smart phone.

QR codes were first invented in the 1990s. During those times, QR codes were being used to track cars. However, as the years went by, people found more than one way in which they could use QR codes. For this reason, QR codes have now become very popular. QR codes are mostly used by business owners to store information that is relevant to their customers. QR codes can store plain text messages, phone numbers, email addresses, website links, and other kinds of information.

Create 2d barcode – How to create a two dimensional bar code

Creating a 2d barcode for your business has now become very easy, thanks to the existence of QR code creators that are also known as QR code generators. QR code generators can be said to be tools that help in making a QR code. It is important that you identify a QR code generator that suits the operating system of your computer and at the same time suits the QR code type that you want or intend to create. You could also use a tool like Visualead that won’t require you to download any software.

After finding a suitable QR code generator, the next step is to enter all the data that you want to be contained in the QR code. This could be a phone number, an email address, a website link or any other type of alphanumeric data that you wish to store in the QR code.

From here, confirm that you want to create the QR code by clicking on the “create QR code” button. This will bring you a preview of how the QR code that you have just created looks like. Download and print the QR code.

Create 2d barcode – How QR codes work

Once the information is encoded in the QR code, the target audience needs to scan and decode the information so as to view it. Using a smartphone that has a QR code scanner installed, you can scan and decode the QR code. Once the data has been decoded, it is saved in your smart phone automatically. This prevents users from losing important information.

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