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Creat QR Code

While there are still some people who consider QR codes to be novelty, they are actively used in Japan and have been, for several years to date. QR is the registered trademark of the Toyota subsidiary known as Denso-Wave. One of the many things that have attributed to the widespread use of QR code is Denso-Wave’s decision not to exercise their QR patent rights.

The decision to use these two-dimensional depends on a person. However, you should consider using these codes if you own a business more so, if it is an internet-based business. QR codes are easy to create and scan. There are also some QR code generators that give you free services to create a QR code and the ones that do charge you, are still fairly affordable.

Create QR Code-QR Code Generators and Scanners

QR code generators:

There are many different QR code generators available for you regardless of the Operating System you are using. To know which generators work for you, you need to do a quick internet search. You will realize that there are many generators, each offering different services and having different features. Some of the things these generators will do include: create codes that will link you to some web pages, phone numbers, texts and/or SMS. They will also allow you to customize the format and color of the codes.

QR code scanners:

QR Code scanning apps are available to all Operating Systems. The good thing is that, some of them are compatible with more than one OS. You just install this app in your phone, launch it and scan the code using the camera of your Smartphone.

How to maximize the code effectiveness when you creat QR Code

Below are some of the ways you can maximize the effectiveness of QR codes when you creat QR code:

  • Study the analytics
  • Give reason that will make the scanners come back.
  • Experiment with the code first to see the reaction.
  • Make it fun like a scavenger hunt using QR codes.
  • Encourage different actions that will promote your advertising and marketing plan.
  • Alleviate fears that the technically challenged have.
  • When experimenting with your code, experiment with different colors, locations and sizes of the code to find the one that works best for you.

You can link QR code to music downloads, direction to a place or your business, special offers and valuable coupons etc.

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