The Classic QR Code Don’ts

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QR Codes have revolutionized the world because they are a user-friendly, easy way to get from offline to online with one simple scan. Businesses have pounced on the opportunity to engage with their customers in the online world but don’t always know the best way to utilize their QR Codes.  It’s important to make sure that your QR Code is giving your clients an enjoyable and profitable experience when it’s scanned – otherwise it’s simply taking up space on your advertisement.

Visual QR Code

QR Code Don’ts

The Classic QR Code Don’ts

Don’t #1 – You’ve enthusiastically created a QR Code that leads to your website when scanned. Now what? Unless your website can be used by the customer for information or purchasing your product, simply leading them to your website is often very anticlimactic and unappreciated by customers who’ve taken the time to scan your code. If they wanted to look you up on the web, they could simply whip out their phones and type in your name in Google. Lead your clients somewhere useful – to the checkout with your product in their virtual shopping cart, to an online discount coupon or to directions to your store that they can open in Google Maps, ect.

Don’t #2 – You’ve created an awesome QR Code that leads your customers somewhere exciting. But because it’s black and white and ugly, your designers have recommended placing it in a bottom corner of your ad so as to not ruin the appeal of your poster. QR Codes won’t be scanned unless they’re noticed! Use Visualead to create a Visual QR Code that is attractive and can be placed in the center of your poster and attract all the attention you could ask for.

Don’t #3 – Your Visual QR Code is lovely and in the center of your design and takes your customers to the super-hot deals tab in your website when scanned. But do your customers know that by looking at it? It’s very important for your QR Code’s success to make sure that you either have a caption explaining where it will lead them – for instance, “scan the code to get 10% discount on all products!” – or that it’s part of a symbol or call-to-action which is very clear – for instance, creating a Visual QR Code with the Facebook logo will obviously lead to your Facebook page when scanned.


QR Codes can seriously boost your business and increase the engagement you have with your customers so it’s important to make sure that you’re using them to give yourself an advantage and not a disadvantage. Share your QR Code success stories with us in the comments below!

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