Business Cards With QR Codes – Business Cards And QR Codes

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Business cards with QR codes

A QR code is a 2 dimensional barcode that can be read using Smartphones. These codes were invented by Denso wave from the Toyota group in the 1994. Initially, he intended to use these codes to track stolen vehicle parts; however, today, they are being used as a marketing strategy, which is quite effective. Before QR codes, clients had bad mobile website experiences since most businesses had not customized their websites for mobile phone use. However, QR codes came and brought about more emphasis on creating mobile friendly websites such as video streaming, website visits as well as info pages viewing a pleasant encounter. By ensuring that clients view mobile friendly websites, the chances of closing sales online have increased significantly.

QR codes are also an innovative way of cutting down on cost. This is because you do not have to spend cash on posters or billboards advertising your products and service. All you have to do is incorporate a QR code in your business card and see it work wonders.

How to create QR codes business cards

There are two ways of creating QR codes. Placing information directly to the QR code is one of the ways you can make a QR code. This involves the use of a web address that acts as a landing page. On this landing page, the guest can get the contact info to the business and can use the information to review your products and services easily. The other method involves the storing of contact info in the QR code.

Business cards with QR codes- how this will benefit your clients

It is evident that these QR codes have proven to be huge business. This is because they have potential of marketing and advertising. Imagine scanning a business card and being taken to the company’s website instantly? This is enough to bring traffic to your business website. Apart from attracting customers to your site, with QR codes, you are seen as a forward thinking company. The good thing about these codes is they have the potential to transform your business. This means it will increase its sales.

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