Business Cards Qr Code – QR Codes On Business Cards

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Business cards qr code

Are you looking to use qr codes for your marketing campaign? When it comes to marketing a brand of company, it is best to go with the latest trends. This is the only way to ensure that you keep up with your clients. Use of qr codes opens up new avenues for communications with clients. Qr codes can be scanned using smartphones and almost everyone these days is using a smartphone. This ensures that your business goes mobile and you reach out to as many clients as possible. Qr codes also make it easy for your clients to interact directly with your brand or company.

Business cards qr code – why should you use qr codes on your business cards?

There are several reasons as to why every business person should use qr codes on their business cards. Qr codes make it easy for your clients to save your business contacts in their phonebooks. This is because once they scan your qr codes the information on the qr code is automatically saved in the phone used to scan the code. This is better as opposed to writing contacts down manually. This ensures that your clients do not lose your business info. This is better than giving out plain business cards as they can be lost and this means that your business info is also lost.

Business cards qr code – choosing qr codes

You need to make some choices when it comes to business cards qr codes. There are a few choices to consider. These include:

  • Mecard protocol – this is a type of qr code specifically designed contact lists for mobile phones.
  • vCard protocol – these are qr codes specifically created form data exchange for businesses through vcf files.
  • URL link – there are some qr codes that carry the url address of website landing pages.

Once you know the different types of qr codes, you can choose the most ideal one depending on your needs.

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