Branded QR codes

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Branded QR codes

If you still cannot understand what QR codes are, these are quick response codes or square matrixes that work in the same way as bar codes. However, there are a few differences between the two. For instance, the difference between a bar code and a QR code is that a QR code can carry more info compared to what a barcode. Another difference is that a bar code is mostly used for carrying numerical info while a QR code can carry all sorts of info ranging from plains texts, email addressand links among others. These two types of codes alsoshare some similarities. Both types of codes can be read using QR code appor barcode scanners. QR code apps can be downloaded from the internet into Smartphones while bar code scanners can be purchased.

Branded QR codes tips

If you do not want to use the common black and white QR codes, you can simply brand your own the way you wish.It is for this reason that users are advised to customize their QR codes to prevent them from looking plain and ordinary.

Apart from branding your QR codes, you can include your multiple colors in the QR code to show individuality. This is a sure way of entertaining your customers since you are giving them something different from what other QR codes offer.

Branded QR codes-More about branded codes

QR codes are greatly favored because of their ability to connect with the audience at a mobile friendly level. Quick response codes are also used as marketing tools for businesses, brands and services. This is because QR codes can be scanned using smartphones or other dedicated devices. As a result, QR codes ensure that a business or brand reaches out to a larger number of clients on the go. This means you will definitely note an increase in what your sales become and it is all thanks to the use of QR codes.

One cool way of implementing QR codes is by embedding your contact information or your website such that your clients get to know more about you the moment they scan the QR. You can find good examples of branded QR codes here.

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