Best QR Reader Android- The Best QR Readers For Android Users

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Best QR Reader Android

QR code readers are used to decode the squares that are within any QR code. Once the codes have been decoded, they will be redirected to another destination that has been chosen by the QR code creator.

Best QR reader android-Why install this app?

Having this app installed in your Android phone is a decision you will never regret. This is most true if you have ever fallen victim to malicious software attacks brought about by accessing fake websites. Lucky for some people, there are Android phones that come with a pre-installed barcode scanner and thus lessening the installation time spent (even though not much). So, what are some of the best QR reader Android apps out there? Keep reading to find out.

The best QR reader Android apps

Below is a list of the best QR reader Android apps. These apps have been rated the highest by other users. They include:

  • Barcode Scanner: This is the most used and most liked QR code scanner amongst Android users. It is easy to install and use and, even though they are used on other operating systems, works especially well on all Android phones.
  • QR Droid: This is yet another excellent QR code reader app used by Android users. It works extremely well with Visual QR Codes. All you need to do is open it, point it at the Visual QR Code and voila! It’ll do its scanning and give you results in no time.
  • ScanLife Reader: This app scans EZcode, ISBN, UPC, Datamatrix and QR Code successfully. It is also compatible with most Smartphones making it a good choice. Only difference is that, you will be required to give some details like name and email address if you are a first time user.
  • QuickMark QR Code Reader: This is amongst the most user-friendly and best QR reader Android apps available. It can scan multiple barcode formats and also enables auto-scanning.


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