Best QR codes

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QR codes were first introduced in Japan by Denso wave. Based on how these codes begun you can hardly believe that they have evolved this much. His main reason for creating these readable barcodes was to help in tracking vehicle parts. The use of QR codes for marketing is one of the reasons QR codes are now famous. If you have not started using these codes, you most definitely need to. This is because millions of businesses are using QR codes today as QR codes have been found to be effective in promoting sales of goods and services.

Best QR codes

Best QR codes- main types of QR codes

Although there are plenty of QR codes, they can be categorized into two main groups. If you continue reading this article you will be an able to tell which QR code is the best to use. The two categories of QR codes are basic and customized QR codes.

Customized QR codes

These are the most commonly used type of QR codes. This is because they can be tweaked to look a certain way without affecting their readability. This means they can be changed or redesigned to suit your company’s needs or your own needs as an entrepreneur. For example, you can have a QR code with your logo embedded.

 Basic QR codes

As the name suggests, basic QR codes are the simplest types of QR codes. Basic QR codes are normally black and white. They have nothing unique as they are generated using a regular QR code generator without any tweaks or customizations.

Best QR codes- how are QR codes used

Apart from using QR codes in a business, you could also use these codes other ways. Below are examples of how QR codes are used:

The ability to link to a website through a QR code is one of the most common reasons for using QR codes. This means that your customers can access your website without having to type in your URL in the browser’s address bar.

With QR codes, you are free to add a picture to the code if you wish to. This beats the monotony of having the same color of QR codes.

Besides adding an image or picture on your QR code, you could also add more information about your product. This means you are also free to use QR codes on coupons and posters. This mainly excites consumers as this is a fun way of learning more about products or services.

Learn of other uses of a best QR codes.

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