Best QR Code Reader For Android- QR Code Readers Available

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Best QR code reader for android

There are various methods of marketing. For instance, flyers, Ads and direct mail are great for attracting new customers. However, unlike internet resources, the amount of information shared is limited. This limitation hinders proper engagement with potential customers or business partners, and thus the use of online channels to do marketing. Social networking sites such as Facebook and internet directories such as Yelp are great; but how does a person get their daily traffic customers to like a Facebook page or even write an online review about their experiences business? Well, we are currently living in a technologically advanced world; thanks to QR codes you can advertise your goods and services globally.

Best QR code reader for android – Some of the QR code readers available

NeoReader – this is an app that allows your android device to scan all types of barcodes and QR codes easily. Better yet, this app can be downloaded from Google play and the android market.

QR droid- this is another app that can scan QR codes through the camera or a saved file. QR droid is also possible to use when creating QR code from your contact list or data saved on your android device. It also records the history of scanned codes and is available from the android market.

Barcode scanner – this is the most used by some android users for its ability to scan both barcodes and QR codes. Also, it can be downloaded from the android market or Google play.

Recommending QR code reader apps to others

If you are planning on using QR codes on your marketing strategy, it is important that you find the most ideal reader app for your business. Apart from using it, recommend it to your clients. That way, their first time experience with code readers becomes easy.

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