Best QR Barcode Scanners

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Best QR Barcode Scanners

Quick Response Codes, more commonly known as QR Codes, are 2D barcode types that are used to store alphanumerical characters/information. Although there are some people who find these 2D codes to be new concepts, they have been around for over two-decades. They have however evolved to more colorful and easily accessible types of barcodes. QR Codes can also be scanned with ease thanks to the creation of smartphones.

How consumers and business owners benefit from using QR Codes

These 2D codes are beneficial to both consumers and business owners. As a consumer, installing a QR Code scanning app to your phone means that you have easier ways to shop and get more information. There are some scanning apps that have been designed for the smart shopper. They help you compare prices of products with different store thus making a wise purchasing decision that might end up costing you less.

There are also some QR Codes that have been designed to help you get contact details. By just scanning a QR Code that has contact details, the details are automatically stored in your smartphone. In businesses, QR Codes are affordable tools for advertising your business as they act as the link between offline and online marketing.QR Codes also help you drive traffic to your website. When a person scans a QR Code, it can redirect the user’s search to your website or web page through a URL.

A look at some of the best QR barcode scanners

Here are some of the best QR Code scanners for different Operating Systems:

Windows OS:

  • QuickMark QR Code Reader: This is the most user-friendly QR Code scanners to use. It has features that make it possible for you to scan several barcode formats.It is also compatible with some of the major Operating Systems. You can download it from Widows Market or Microsoft Windows.
  • QR Code Reader: This app can scan QR Codes fast and also saves the information retrieved in your smartphone. It is compatible with Nokia Lumia and also has a feature that saves your scanning history. You can download it for free


  • Eyeconit Scanner:Although this app has been designed to red iOS icons, it can also perfectly scan visual Quick Response codes.
  • QR Scanner: This app is fast and quite efficient in scanning QR Codes. It is so efficient such that it can even correctly decode barcodes that aren’t properly aligned. It also has a feature that enables you to customize apps each time you scan a code.
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