Best QR Barcode Scanner for Android

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Best QR Barcode Scanner for Android

You have probably seen QR Codes plastered all over the place from business windows and billboards to product labels and grave stones.These codes seem to have made quite an impression to marketers although it is not easy to see people scanning these codes in some countries. However, these codes are the peak of their popularity in Japan and you can rest assured that you will come across some people scanning the codes and in different places.

To decode these codes, you will need a smartphone that has a camera and a QR Code scanning app. The camera is the one that will identify and scan the code while the app does all the work i.e. decoding the QR Code and translating it to meaningful text.

What you can do with QR Codes

Quick Response Codes have been tailor-made to be easy and quick to link content on any smartphone irrespective of the Operating System a person is using. Some simple uses of QR Codes include on magazine ads that they link the user to a website.

When these codes are put to more complex use, they can be placed in virtual business cards where when scanned, they can link to LinkedIn accounts and also give contact information. The Android OS uses these two-dimensional codes to directly link it users to the Android Marketplace.

There are some cities like Bordeaux France, which have posted QR Codes all over where they are used to give more information on different Heritage foundation’s in that city and also used in tracking parking meters. They are also used to give visitors directions to the various parking locations and shops.

As a customer or shopper, QR Codes help you make better shopping decisions as some codes redirect you to a page that gives you more information on a product.QR Codes also ensure that you get access to mobile optimized websites of your favorite shopping store so you can shop while on the move.

Some of the best QR barcode scanner for Android

  • ScanLife: This is a UPC and QR Code scanning app that gives you different information, coupons and prices.
  • Scan: This is one of the most user-friendly and easiest scanning apps to use with an Android phone. It also stores history logs of your past scans.
  • RedLaser: This is an awesome scanning app for all those smart shoppers. It enables you to scan barcodes from major retails thus be able to compare prices for more informed shopping decisions.
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