Best free QR codes generators

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Best free QR codes generators

If you are a business or brand marketers, you have probably already leaned of the benefits you stand to enjoy if you use QR codes in your marketing strategy. QR codes have become common in marketing because of their affordability and efficiency. With these codes, you can reach out to millions of individuals who use smartphones. This is all thanks to the fact that QR codes can be scanned using these smartphones with the help of QR code scanning applications.

Best free QR codes generators – the use of smartphones

Most people today are using smartphones more than they are using desktop computers or laptops to access the internet. When you use QR codes, you are able to avail your business, goods and services to people who need them and are looking for them online each day through their smartphones. This is why QR codes are termed as some of the most effective methods of doing business marketing.

For you to be able to use QR codes, you have to create them. This is done using QR code generators. You can find reliable free QR code generators online. There are a few factors you need to look for in a generator.

Finding the best free QR code generators

It is possible to find a reliable QR code generator online or in app stores. Also, most QR code scanners double up as readers. Below are a few features you can look for in a QR code generator:

Ability to create codes fast

The ideal of using QR codes is the ability to own several of them. This can only be achieved if your QR code generator can create codes fast. This allows you to create many codes in the shortest time possible.

Ability to create standard size codes

You need a QR code generator that allows you to create standard size QR codes. Most generators produce large codes which are impractical. The best generator should create codes of standard size or even smaller.

Flexibility to redirect

Some generators do not offer you the liberty to change where your codes redirect to. This can be hard as you have to make new codes every time you want to change where a code redirects to. Therefore, go for a generator that allows you to change your code’s destination without necessarily having to create another code.


You need a generator that allows you to create codes that carry any sort of information, not just URL links.

Best free QR codes generators.

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