Best free QR codes generator

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best free qr codes generator

For many years now, a lot has been said and is still being said about quick response codes. QR codes or quick response codes are 2 dimension types of barcodes that have been in existence for many years now. While they work in the same way as barcodes, QR codes differ in the sense that they have the capability to hold much more information than barcodes can. For this reason, QR codes have a lot of uses, more so in the marketing and advertising sector. QR codes are used to offer information to client and potential clients. This is done by having the information encoded in the QR code. To see what information a QR code holds, one has to scan the code using a QR code scanner. These days, smartphones come with pre-installed QR code scanners. This means that anyone with a smartphone can easily scan a code to see what data is contained in it.

Best free QR codes generator – How to create QR codes

For one to be able to use quick response codes, one has to make one. QR codes are made using online programs known as QR code generators. These generators are available for free and others for a small fee. Whichever generator you go for, you need to ensure it has the capacity to meet your QR code needs.

Using a QR code generator is not hard since these programs come readily created for use. All you have to do to create your codes is to choose the type of info you want to encode, enter the info in the text box provided and click on the ‘create QR code button’. The QR code will be created in just a matter of seconds. It is advisable to test your quick response code before making it available to your target audience. This way, you will be able to know whether the QR code actually works. Once you are sure the code can be scanned accurately, you can avail it to your target market.

Best free QR codes generator – Using QR codes

One you have created your QR code, it is important to include a ‘how to use’ manual for the code. This is because not all your clients know how to use QR codes. You can include a guide on how they can download the best QR code scanners if their phones do not come with one and also how they can use the scanners to read the codes.

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