Best 2d code

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best 2d code

QR codes or quick response codes became popular in japan more than fifteen years ago. Today, these codes are becoming popular in other parts of the world too. For this reason, there have been a lot of questions revolving around what QR codes are and what they are all about.

Well, QR codes are 2-dimension types of barcodes that are used to transmit information. This is achieved by encoding data in the QR code during the QR code making process. QR codes are made using QR code generators. These are simply online tools that are available for free or at a small fee. These generators come readily programmed to make QR codes. All you have to do is enter the information you want to embed in the QR code, customize the code to suit your preference and needs, then click on the ‘create QR code’ button for your QR code to be generated. For QR codes to work for any campaign, they ought to be used with care. Otherwise, these codes can do more harm than good to your campaign.

What works with the use of the best 2d code marketing

Give it a new twist

Evidently, QR codes have been there for the longest time. However, you can give it a bit of anew twist. People like using new concepts and ideas. Customizing your codes to include more color and visual is a great way to capture the attention of your target audience.

Make it fun and engaging

It is important to give your users something that compels them to scanning the code. You can go for something different than simply offering info or contact details. You can offer coupon codes, discount offers or even rewards for anyone who scans the code.

Make it personalized

Make your clients feel as through the QR code was made for them. Make them feel connected and engaged with the QR code. This increases the chances of having the QR code scanned.

Best 2d code – QR codes making best practice

Tracking your codes

It is ideal to track the performance of your QR codes. With a great tracking program, you can know how many people scan your codes, how much conversation your code has brought in and what changes to need to make to the code to make it more effective.

QR code placement

Even after creating your code, it is essential to ensure that you place it somewhere it can be read easily. This ensures that the code can be accurately scanned.


It is essential that you ensure your QR code accurately redirects to the intended destination. It is essential to test your code using different scanners to ensure it is correctly redirecting.

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