Bar code reader

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A barcode reader is an electronic device normally used for reading printed codes. Physically, it is flat, has a light source and a sensor that translates optical impulses into electrical and readable data. Just like it is with other scanners, a barcode reader also has decoder circuitry that analyzes the barcodes image provided by the sensor so as to send the content to the readers output. It is at this point that the user is able to view the content of the code.

Bar code reader

Bar code reader – Are QR codes safe?

Although QR codes are secure, there are some areas in which they might expose you to risk. This means they have a few security concerns that should not be disregarded. For instance, you can be exposed to phishing through a QR code. Phishing is not only limited to emails, Malware and Trojans but can also be carried out through the use of QR codes. Actually, QR codes have been found to be amongst the easiest ways to target unsuspecting users.

Barcode reader-different types of readers

These are just a few barcode reader types in the market and they are differentiated by the technologies they use. With the scanners below, you can clearly see how different scanners work and the technology each on of them uses.

Laser scanners

This is a type of barcode reader that use a beam of light when in scanning mode. Here the light emitted by the reader varies in terms of brightness depending on the type of data embedded on a code.

Pen-type scanners

This is a type of scanner that consists of a photodiode and light source placed close together at the tip of a pen. The work of the photodiode is to measure the intensity of light emitted from the pen thus generating a waveform that measures the width of a barcode in order to translate the hidden data.

Video camera readers

These are different type of scanners that use video camera technology to scan. Normally, these scanners have hundreds of cameras as compared to others that have a single row of sensors. It is the hundred of cameras that generate images for scanning.

Omni-directional barcode readers

This is yet another type of unique scanner. This reader uses a series of either curved or straight   scanning lines that also vary in direction. All these scanners use a laser to scan codes.

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