Apple, Samsung and HTC OH MY!


By: Ari Fuld  – Follow @arifuld on twitter 

It looks like a battlefield out there! The  cyber, mobile technology war is on and it is awesome!  While leading companies are at each others throats and worried about espionage, we the consumers are in for a great summer.

The gloves have come off and the fists are swinging. Each company is not only concentrating on how to be number one but they are attempting  to destroy each other.

Apple actually attempted to ban the new Samsung Galaxy S111! At first I thought this was a bad joke and one of the most unprofessional, childish things the Apple empire ever attempted. The late Steve Jobs, RIP, must be flipping in his grave.

Every respectable news source and blog wrote about Apple’s embarrassing attempt to ban the competition and it did not bring honor to the Apple empire.

Here is just one example of  bad press this ridiculous attempt by Apple merited.

Samsung  however, owes Apple a big basket of chocolates with a ‘thank you’ note attached. Remember rocky 4 with the big Russian, Ivan? Everyone thought he was invincible until Rocky hit him in the face and  threatened Ivan’s greatness. You don’t remember?  For some nostalgia, watch the video here.

It seems Samsung has taken a bite out of the  ‘Big Apple’.

My only question to Samsung is, why the plastic? Everyone is revolutionizing with liquid metals and you put on plastic? Still, a beautiful phone but not sure it would withstand my rigorous lifestyle.

After watching this video I realized why Apple is threatened by Samsung’s new masterpiece.

[youtube id=”idb4Wx4e3co” width=”600″ height=”350″]

As if  the Samsung war wasn’t enough, Facebook decided to throw in some nice punches. Were the rumors about a  Facebook phone true?  I don’t think anyone really knows but when I heard that Facebook will be fully integrated in the next IOS  it became clear that Apple is no longer the only star on the block.

Without missing a heartbeat Apple released the the new SEXY (I don’t usually call a machine sexy) MacBook Pro with its gorgeous retina display.

Read the full  MacBook review  and tell me you are not hungry to bring one home. I have watched the reviews over and over again and it seems Apple has done it again.  Beautiful design, slim, powerful and extraordinary retina display. Now only if they would make them affordable.

Just when people were writing the eulogy for Microsoft, the Microsoft team punches out a tablet that changes the rules of the game. The new Microsoft Surface tablet (can I say Sexy twice in the same post?) is a revolutionary new tablet with a whole new operating system.

Although I have not used the tablet or Windows 8, this tablet is definitely setting the bar for future tablets. You can call it an Apple copycat and continue your hate of the Microsoft giant, but what you can’t do, is eulogize the creators of this beautiful tablet.  Microsoft is alive and kicking.

[youtube id=”dpzu3HM2CIo” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Wondering why I added HTC into the title?

I had an opportunity to play around (for two minutes) with the new HTC one X and the 4G inspire. Both are beautifully designed phones and I was pleasantly surprised with the speed they were running. I definitely would like to test out either one of  HTC’s new phones before actually changing over from the iPhone.

Let there be no mistake HTC is quietly becoming a mobile phone leader. One piece advice for the HTC team, more BUZZMake some noise! You will know when you are out there when Apple tries to ban you.

Is the HTC one X the best Android out there? Read one review here that says yes.

So what does this all out war mean for us, the consumers? We are in for an awesome summer!

So many choices! What to do?

I turn to you, my Twitter, Facebook and social media community. What’s your opinion? Are you an Android, Apple , Microsoft or HTC fan? I want to hear you bash, compliment and give advice.  I want to know the pros and cons, the battery life and of course the most cost effective machines out there.

I can’t wait to see what’s next in this glorious technowar.

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