All about qr codes

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Qr (quick response) codes can be a great way to market your brand. The reason qr codes are yet to be used as a mainstream marketing channel is because most people do not know how to utilize them for great returns. Failure to use these codes as they should has led to the perception that they are dead in the marketing world. However, the exact impact qr codes can have on marketing is yet to be fully realized.

Understanding qr codes – what is a qr code?

Qr codes originated from Japan. Initially, they were used by the Toyota Company to track car parts. However, they have become a global phenomenon that can greatly aid in marketing and client-company relations.Qr codes are common in magazines, restaurant menus, web pages and even t-shirts. They are used to hold contact or url info of a company. This information can be read using qr code readers which are apps for smart phones. In fact, some smart phones today are created with an inbuilt reader. Qr codes are better than barcodes since they have the capacity to store much more info. They can carry data, links and contact info pertaining to a company. They are also handy since unlike bar codes, which require bar code scanners and are bulky, you only require your smart phone to read the info embedded in the code.

Can qr codes help with search engine optimization (seo)

SEO has always been about interacting with visitors and potential clients and driving traffic to a website. With qr codes, you can easily connect with your clients without much effort. Smartphones are quickly overtaking the use of computers and laptops. Incorporating qr codes in your marketing strategy is one of the ways you can ensure you make adequate use of mobile marketing. With just one scan of qr codes with smart devices, you can connect your clients to your website, contacts and even online shop.

Qr codes make client-business relations timely and effortless.

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