4 Ways to Boost your Black Friday Sales with Visual QR Codes

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My favorite time of year is coming up and no, I’m not referring to a holiday in the traditional sense of the word (although, there are those who would refer to it as a holiday of the soul :-)). It’s a tantalizing, exhilarating, rollercoaster-ride of a Friday and no, I’m not referring to Friday the 13th. Get your laptops ready for a week of consumer paradise because Black Friday is just around the corner and the deals are looking good. Black Friday is much more than a blissful guilt-free week of virtual window-shopping – it’s also an incredible business opportunity way too hot to miss out on. So even if your business isn’t online, we recommend that you join in on the fun and delight your clientele with your very own Black Friday QR Code.

Use your Black Friday QR Code to boost your business

There’s no reason to let the amazing Black Friday hype pass your business by without cashing in on the excitement. Create special Black Friday QR Codes which lead your customers to your special Black Friday sales which they can then simply add to their shopping carts. Take advantage of the dynamic nature of Visual QR Codes and change the deal offered on your Black Friday QR Code every day, so that your customers will have something to look forward to when you send them your code to scan. Another possible approach is to offer your customers a Black Friday QR Code which they can scan in order to receive a coupon or discount, enticing them to enter your store and engage with your business. You can also use your Black Friday QR Code to run a contest in which you offer lucrative prizes for 5 of the customers who’ve scanned your code. As you can see, the ideas are endless but the concept is identical – joining in on the bubble of e-commerce that’s rocking the world this beautifully dark week.

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