3ds QR codes

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3ds qr codes

Quick response codes or QR code shave been around for many years now. While they were not always popular, technological advancements have led to the wide use of these codes. One of the many reasons as to why people are using QR codes today is because they are multipurpose, and they come in handy. People have found more than one way through which they can use QR codes, as opposed to when they were first invented in the 1990’s and were only being used to track cars.

3 dimensional QR codes are mostly being used by business owners as a form of marketing. Large or small business entities, the owners are using QR codes to save information that is relevant to their customers, for example their contact details, email addresses, links to their websites, text messages and other information that is useful to their customers.

The information saved in QR codes is normally encoded, and can not be understood unless it is scanned and decoded. Once the QR code is decoded, the information is saved automatically on the device that was used to scan the information. This is one way that business owners are sure that their customers will not lose the contact information or any other type of information that was encoded in the QR code.

Reasons why you should use 3d QR codes

3 dimensional QR codes are the most commonly used type of QR codes. This is because the 3 dimensional QR codes are able hold different types of information, like images, contact information and links to web pages.

QR codes can be directly printed on stickers, and books. These prints can be removed after purchase has been made. QR codes have the ability of holding extreme heat and strong chemicals. There is therefore no need to worry about your QR codes getting distorted.

With QR codes, business owners can save any type of information in them. From contact information to email addresses, text messages, website links and other types of data that can be stored in the 3 dimensional QR code. You only require having a smartphone so as to scan the information that is encoded in the QR code. The smartphone should a QR code scanner installed in it.

More about QR codes

QR codes are the latest form of marketing, that business owner should embrace. Thanks to QR codes, business owners can be able to keep track of their new businesses, without having to spend so much time and money.

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