3ds QR code

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3ds qr code

With all the hullaballoo that has been going on about quick response codes, by now almost everyone reading this article is familiar with 2d QR codes and what they are all about. However, very little is being said about 3ds quick response codes. For easy understanding, 3ds QR codes are simply an upgraded version of the 2d QR codes. Just like their predecessor, 3ds QR codes also have the capability to carry a lot of information about a product or service. Initially, barcodes were used for mostly keeping track on inventory in stores. This led to the introduction of 2d barcodes and now 3d barcodes. The main different between a 3ds barcodes and 1d2d QR codes is that 3dimension QR codes can allow information to be placed along the height lines. This ensures that the information embedded in the code is hidden more accurately and thus making it harder for it to be seen using the naked eye. Also, 3dimension QR codes are tamper proof. This is to mean that these codes cannot be changed or altered by people with malicious intentions. This makes these 3ds QR codes most ideal for businesses. With this type of QR codes, businesses can minimize inventory errors,pricing inaccuracy and overstocking among other business concerns.

Understanding more about using a 3ds QR code

The technology employed in creating 2ds QR codes is more or less similar to that of making 3d QR codes. This 3dimension QR code is directly embedded on the product it is meant for. Unlike the 2d QR codes, these 3ds QR code offers more permanent solutions since most of them do not come in the form of stickers as it is sometimes common with 2d barcodes. Upon scanning a 3ds QR code, the information embedded in the lower region of the QR code is also recognized.

The differences between a 3ds QR code and a 2d code

3ds QR code can hold more information than the 2d barcode. Also, the 3ds barcodes have a higher customizable limit than the 2ds QR codes. 2d QR codes can only be customized to a certain limit to ensure than they maintain their ability to be scanned. However, the 3ds QR code gives you a world of possibilities. You can easily create a 3d QR code and embed anything you want on it, even images. This is why 3ds QR codes are used for gaming QR codes as they make it easy for gamers to share characters in games.

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