3 Keys You Need For A Successful QR Code Campaign

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Whether it be funny examples of misused QR Codes or rumors of the QR Code’s imminent death, QR Code scanning technology has been getting some serious heat.

QR Codes are alive and kicking

Let’s clear away the smoke for a second and talk facts. Since 2009 QR Code use and scanning has been climbing and often by hundreds of percents. If the numbers of QR Codes generated yearly are reaching the hundreds of millions and that’s how you define dead, kill me know.
There are over five billion mobile subscriptions worldwide and over a a billion smartphone users.
With mobile technology everything is at your fingertips, anywhere and all the time. Business hours, store location and long lines are concepts that just don’t exist when it comes to mobile marketing and the QR Code is the bridge that instantly connects your business to anyone using a smartphone.

Translation to marketing language: There are over a billion people who are ready and willing to interact with your business from anywhere and at anytime using their mobile device and the QR Code is your window of opportunity

 Why Use QR Codes?

Designing a million dollar ad campaign full of creativity and a strong call to action is great, but the emotions you might have set off in potential customers will be long gone by the time they make it home. By adding a QR Code to your ad you are not only advertising a call to action, you are actually giving them a way to act and engage immediately.

 Use Em’ But Don’t Abuse Em’

The major complaint people have with QR Codes lies in the hands of marketers and businesses who use QR Codes in mobile marketing campaigns. Often QR Codes are placed in the corner of an ad without proper planning or strategy. The result is either the QR Code is totally ignored or in the worse case scenario someone actually stops to scan your QR Code and are left with a very frustrating feeling.
When using a QR Code, remember, it’s not about the scan, it’s about the mobile experience that follows the scan.

 Here are 3 keys to make sure your mobile campaign will be a successful one.

 1.     Go mobile

The QR Code will lead people to an online mobile destination.  Having a customer try to interact with a non-mobile enabled website is as annoying as reading a Captcha code.

Using a  QR Code should make life easier and if people have to start pinching their screen or are left with an “Error” message on their smartphone, not only have not made their lives easier, you wasted their time.

  2.       Make sure they can scan

There are endless examples of poorly placed QR Code ads that can be found on the web.
In order for your QR campaign to be successful people have to be able to scan it.

Make sure:

  •  There is internet and mobile service where your ad will be scanned. (Subways are a problem)
  •  You place your ad in a location that is accessible for scanning. Moving vehicles are probably not the best idea.
  •  The size of your QR Code is readable even from a distance.

  3.       Give People a reason to scan your QR Code

Imagine you were reading the paper on your way to work and saw this in an ad, would you scan it?

Even if the QR Code above was offering you a million dollars you wouldn’t know and would probably turn the page without thinking twice.

 Now imagine you are on the bus during lunch time and at the next station there’s a great Pizza joint and you saw this ad, would you scan?

When people stop to scan a QR Code they expect the value they will receive by scanning to outweigh the time it took them to scan.
If you use a random QR Code and stick it in the corner of an ad, there is no incentive for people to stop their day to interact and scan.
Be clear as to where you are leading your potential customers, let them know what’s in it for them.

What other advice would you offer to someone looking to use QR Codes as part of a mobile campaign?

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