10 Creative Ways to Use QR Codes for Online Marketing

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One of the inherent benefits of integrating QR codes into an online marketing strategy is that they can be printed on almost anything. This allows for a great deal of creativity when it comes to introducing QR codes, and below is a list of ten ideas suitable for all types of brands.

Integrate QR codes on social media campaign Print QR codes on apparel
Create Stickers Business Cards
QR Food QR Tattoos
Enhance your Storefront Offer Promotions
Provide Information Mail Postcards
  1. Integrate QR codes into your social media campaign – This may not be the most creative idea in the book, but it should not be left unstated. QR codes can be an easy way of gaining more followers on social media, and all that your brand needs to do is create a user-friendly experience for mobile users.
  2. Print QR codes on apparel – This is a great way of catching the eyes of unassuming people and drawing their attention to your brand. It may be hard to scan a QR code from the back of someone’s t-shirt, but it’s definitely possible.
  3. Create Stickers – Who doesn’t appreciate an attractive sticker? Stickers can be placed anywhere, from computers to bulletin boards and refrigerators. A QR-enhanced sticker might be just the creativity that your brand needs to reach out to a broader audience.
  4. Business Cards – Your business card may already display your email address and website’s URL, but having a printed QR code on your business card provides an extra level of convenience to potential clients. Make it even easier for them by allowing access to your online presence simply by scanning a code.
  5. QR Food – Lots of people eat fast food, right? Take the opportunity to add a QR Code around a juicy burger or slice of pizza. While this might be more of a gimmick than actual marketing strategy, it may very well serve to boost the perception of your brand among your customers.
  6. QR Tattoos – This sure isn’t recommended, but you can go the extra mile and print a QR code on your own body – it has been done already. Nothing shows attachment to your brand like wearing it wherever you go…
  7. Enhance your Storefront – QR codes may make all the difference between a person who casually walks through your store, and a customer who makes informed purchases. Offer unique content via storefront QR codes, and customers will have options available to them even while your store is closed!
  8. Offer Promotions – Everyone loves freebies, so why not lure users into scanning your QR code by entering them into an online contest. If you’re not into contests, then choose to offer discounts off of purchases instead. Either way, the result is a happier customer!
  9. Provide Information – The more information that a customer has about a given product, the more likely they are to make a purchase. Use this to your advantage by creatively applying QR codes to products, so that your customers are directed to relevant information not included on the product’s label itself.
  10. Mail Postcards – Instead of mailing a postcard to customers that will haphazardly be thrown into the garbage, print a QR code on it to catch their attention. Direct mail can still be of value to your brand, so long as you ensure easy access to your online presence through a noticeable QR code.

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